WPLA - Working Party on Land Administration

15-17 October 2014, Vienna, Austria


Vienna impressions

Welcome to the registration website for the WPLA workshop, autumn 2014 in Vienna.

The workshop will be hosted by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, the Ministry of Justice and the Federal Office of Metrology and Surveying (BEV).

Real Estate Infrastructure – Fit for Use? the theme for the workshop was chosen for its relevance to countries in the UNECE region that are striving to provide effective and transparent land administration services. The development of such is supporting an efficient property market but also serve as a base for a wide range of land administration functions that can benefit society as a whole.

The purpose of the workshop is to share experiences, present recent achievements and major challenges in developing real estate infrastructure from a technical, organisational and innovative perspective. We will investigate optimizing processes and organizational matters as well as focus on opportunities for future development. 

The event will provide a great opportunity to share insights and innovations in land administration and to develop strategic and valuable relationships with land administration professionals from across the globe.

Participation at the workshop is free of charge, the language will be in English.

We have made a number of reservations at selected and centrally located hotels in Vienna. Participants are responsible for their own bookings. Information on how to book a reserved hotel room can be found under Accommodation in the Website menu to the left.

To register for the workshop go to 'Sign Up' in the Website menu to the left.